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Biofly is a finnish wound care company specialising in the distribution of larval debridement therapy (also known as maggot therapy) and medical honey (Revamil®) products for use in chronic and hard to heal wounds.

What is Larval Therapy?

Larval Therapy, also known as 'Maggot Therapy' or 'Biosurgery' involves the use of larvae of the greenbottle fl y, which are introduced into a wound to remove necrotic, sloughy and/or infected tissue. Larvae can also be used to maintain a clean wound after debridement if a particular wound is considered prone to resloughing.
The technique, which has been used for centuries, has been reintroduced into modern medicine by doctors and wound care specialists who have found that larvae are able to cleanse wounds much more rapidly than conventional dressings.

What is Revamil Medical Honey?

Years of research and usage in practice have shown that Revamil® is successful for a broad range of wounds. Clear benefits of using Revamil® are a safe and successful way of supporting the body to combat wound infections and stimulate wound healing. There are no cyto-toxic effects as can be apparent from silver wound dressings. Also, Revamil® has a low methylglyoxal content which makes it safe to use, also for diabetic patients.

- 100% pure & controlled honey
- Absolutely safe
- Superior anti-bacterial performance
- Anti-bacterial performance and stimulates wound healing
- Broad range of wound indications
- Broad portfolio
- Gel – for multiple home usage and deep wounds
- Dressings in three useful sizes